At Mindwise, we provide a supportive and caring environment to help you achieve healthy psychological functioning and well-being. Our qualified and professional clinicians adopt a warm, respectful and nurturing interpersonal style to empower clients and create a sense of comfort so that they can navigate through difficult times. Our goal is not to promote dependence on psychologists but to teach clients the skills to manage their own conditions.

Some of the Psychological services we provide are as follows:

Positive psychology
Positive psychology is the study of the “good life”, or the positive aspects of the human experience that make life worth living. It differs from traditional psychology which focuses primarily on mental illness, abnormal psychology, trauma, and pain. But positive psychology focuses on happiness, well-being, exceptionalism, strengths, and flourishing.

The field is intended to complement, not to replace traditional psychology. It does not seek to deny the importance of studying how things go wrong, but rather to emphasise the importance of using science to help things go right.

While many people believe they can achieve greater results by working hard to improve weaknesses, research continually shows that a strengths focus is far more effective. Everyone has strengths. Not everyone is clear about what their strengths are and how to capitalise on them.

Research tells us that when we are using our strengths, we are happier, more confident, we have higher levels of energy and vitality, we are more resilient, engaged and more likely to achieve our goals quicker. We are flourishing, thriving and experience enhanced well-being. This doesn’t mean we won’t experience life’s challenges; it means we are in a better position to deal with them.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy
The ABA approach and its techniques can be used to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) improve their social skills, self-care skills, communication skills, play skills and ability to manage their own behaviour. It can also help reduce difficult behaviour like inattention, aggression and screaming.

The Psychologists at Mindwise Psychology Practice have extensive experience in conducting assessments for your mental health care needs. Since effective treatment relies upon precise assessment and diagnosis, you can be at ease in our competent care.

Psychological IQ Testing
We use the most up to date, well-researched test instruments and technologies to administer IQ tests for assessing child and adult performance. We understand that being tested can be a sensitive experience so the utmost care is taken to provide a relaxed and supportive environment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy (also known as Hypnosis) is an education and communication process by which the conscious and unconscious minds agree. The mind and body are connected – whatever the mind agrees with, the body responds to. Clinical hypnotherapy is hypnosis in a results-focused form of therapeutic treatment. Clinical Hypnotherapy is used in a vast variety of areas and to treat a wide range of conditions.

Injury claims
Whether you have a personal injury, work-related matter, or have been in a motor vehicle accident, our experienced Psychologists can assist you through the recovery process.

Report Writing
At Mindwise, we are well known for our exceptional expertise in report writing.

Online/telephone counselling
If you are looking for therapy in Sydney NSW, but are in a remote area or have restricted access to mental health professionals, we can offer therapy to you through telephone consultations or video conference using Skype. You can also access these services if you feel that face to face consultations are not right for you.

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