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Services for Children


To assist children to achieve their full potential socially, emotionally, and academically, we offer the following services:


Comprehensive assessments provided for school readiness, giftedness, learning difficulties, developmental delay, Autism spectrum disorder, and ADHD.

Early Intervention

Early Childhood Intervention assures that families who have at-risk children in the 0-6 age range receive resources and supports that assist them in maximising their child’s physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development, while respecting the diversity of families and communities

Home/School Programs

We offer both home based programs and school consultations for teaching professionals involved with the child.

We can provide recommendations to teachers on how to modify their lesson delivery and tailor to the child’s
needs with minimal effort.

Self-esteem Building

Our Psychologists are experienced with building the confidence of children and adolescents. They can also address any body image issues that may be present.

Skill Development

We can provide the following skills development workshops for children:

  • Anger Management
  • Social Skills Training
  • Communication Training
  • Stress Management

Training Workshops

Choose from our existing list of workshops for parents, schools and teaching professionals. Or contact us to enquire and register your interest for a topic of your choice.

  • Parenting Skills Training
  • Autism workshop for parents
  • Living with ADHD
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviour
  • Identifying and working with Learning Disabilities